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Quality policy


Lido Light Fixture Manufacture Ltd, has set as a primary goal the constant amelioration of Quality, a goal through which it strives to accomplish all other business goals.

The result of this effort is being monitored and evaluated buy the degree of satisfaction of its clients, its collaborators, its employees and all other legal and regulatory authorities that regulate the activity of the company.

The company follows the technological advances of its field and counts on the experience of its human resources to solve every technical issue in an optimum way, with an immediate view to the overall satisfaction of its clients.

The key concepts guiding the activities of Lido Light Fixture Manufacture Ltd. is the Quality of the Products its produces, the maximum satisfaction of its clients and the constant amelioration of the efficacy of its Quality Management System.

The company is committed to the implementation of applicable requirements, the observance of all existing legislation of its field of activity and the amelioration of Quality Management System.

The implementation of the Quality management System is total and conscious by all company members, since all of them abode by it and make sure that the amelioration of Quality, the constantly increasing satisfaction of the clients and other stakeholders are determining factors in the decision making process.